- un drum, o cale... -

  Linia mea ReiKi Usui
My first lineage:
Sistemele mele
My systems:
  Mikao Usui Usui ReiKi - Master
  Chujiro Hayashi Karuna ReiKi - Master
  Hawaio Takata Shamballa MDH ReiKi - Master
  Philis Ley Furumoto Kundalini ReiKi - 9 degrees
  Lee Fermer Etheral Crystal ReiKi - 9 degrees
  William Lee Rand Seikim ReiKi - 7 degrees
  Nita Mocanu Tibetan ReiKi - 3 degrees
  Dorina Mocanu Ama Deus Shamanic ReiKi
  Nina Butnaru Ascension ReiKi - 9 degrees
  Ovidiu-Dragos Argesanu Spiritual Clairvoyance ReiKi
  Fanita Lungu Tachyon ReiKi - 9 degrees
  Daniel-Dumitru Darie Imara ReiKi - 3 degrees
      Gold ReiKi - 3 degrees
    Colours of Angel Veritas ReiKi - 2 degrees
    Order of Melchisedec - priest gTumo - 2 degrees

Rezultatele testului PsiQ, Institute of Psychic Development
    Traducerea intrebarilor de la testul PsiQ
1 Are you a good mimic?/ Esti expresiv?
2 Are you a pessimist and expect things to work out for the worst?/Esti un pesimist si te astepti ca lucrurile sa mearga din rau in mai rau?
3 Are you a poor judge of character?/Esti un slab interpret al caracterului unei persoane?
4 Are you able to predict what people will say next?/Poti prezice ceea ce vor zice oamenii in momentul urmator?
5 Are you aware of being affected by the full moon?/Ai constientizat vreodata ca esti afectat de luna plina?
6 Are you gregarious and enjoy the company of other people?/Esti o persoana de gasca si iti place compania altor persoane?
7 Are you particularly good at finding things?/Esti foarte bun in gasirea lucrurilor?
8 Before you go off to sleep, do you ever see images of rooms or scenes?/Inainte sa mergi la culcare, se intampla sa vezi imaginea unor incaperi sau scene?
9 Do bright lights bother you - car headlights, for example?/Te deranjeaza luminile puternice - farurile de la masina, de exemplu?
10 Do coincidences feature largely in your life?/Apar des coincidente in viata ta?
11 Do people surprise you?/Oamenii te iau prin surprindere?
12 Do things always go wrong for you?/Lucrurile merg mereu rau pentru tine?
13 Do you accept the possibility that life exists elsewhere in the universe?/Acceptati posibilitatea ca, undeva in univers, exista viata?
14 Do you believe in love at first sight?/Crezi in dragostea la prima vedere?
15 Do you believe that consciousness is inseparable from the body?/Crezi ca poate fi separata constiinta de corp??
16 Do you consider that you are unlucky at games of chance?/Consideri ca esti ghinionist la jocurile de noroc?
17 Do you dream in 3-D?/In vis, imaginile sunt tridimensionale?
18 Do you ever feel like you've been some place before when you haven't?/Simti vreodata ca ai mai fost in acel loc, cand de fapt nu este asa?
19 Do you ever have a feeling that there is another presence helping you?/Simti vreodata ca exista o prezenta care te ajuta?
20 Do you feel like something bad is going to happen and then it does?/Presimti cand ceva rau urmeaza sa se intample?
21 Do you get a sense of history when you hold old objects?/Cand tii un obiect, ai impresia ca ii cunosti istoria?
22 Do you get on well with animals - do they respond well to you?/Te intelegi bine cu animalele?
23 Do you have a strong visual imagination?/Ai o imaginatie vizuala puternica?
24 Do you often find the weather is against you?/Se intampla ca vremea sa fie impotriva ta?
25 Do you think people are often unusually clumsy in your company?/Crezi ca oamenii sunt mult mai neindemanatici in prezenta ta?
26 Do you usually dream in black and white?/Visezi de obicei in alb si negru?
27 Do you usually take an instant like or dislike to people you meet?/Iti creezi o parere despre cineva imediat ce l-ai cunoscut?
28 Does electrical equipment behave oddly in your presence?/Se intampla ca echipamentele electrice sa se comporte ciudat in prezenta ta?
29 Does your mood usually relate to what is going on around you?/Starea ta de spirit este in relatie directa cu ceea ce se intampla in jurul tau?
30 Have you a poor sense of direction?/Ai un simt slab al orientarii?
31 Have you always been drawn to the unexplained and paranormal?/Ai fost atras de inexplicabil si paranormal dintotdeauna?
32 Have you been thinking of someone and then run into them soon after?/Te-ai gandit vreodata la cineva si la scurt timp te-ai intalnit cu acea persoana?
33 Have you ever felt you have done something before when you haven't?/Ai avut vreodata sentimentul ca ai mai facut un lucru in trecut, desi nu este asa?
34 Have you ever heard your name called out when no one is around?/Ti-ai auzit vreodata numele strigat, desi nu era nimeni in jur?
35 Have you ever ignored an urge to do something and regreted it?/Ai ignorant vreodata un indemn sa faci ceva si apoi ai regretat?
36 Have you ever noticed noises like creaks or bangs in your presence?/Ai auzit vreodata sunete precum pocnete sau lovituri in prezenta ta?
37 Have you ever recognised the face of someone you have just met?/Ai recunoscut vreodata fata cuiva pe care tocmai l-ai cunoscut?
38 Have you ever seen balls of coloured light?/Ai vazut vreodata mingi colorate de lumina?
39 Have you experienced a premonition or dream of the future?/Ai experimentat premonitia sau ai visat viitorul?
40 Have you felt a problem has been sorted by an unknown source?/Ai simtit vreodata ca o problema a fost declansata de un factor necunoscut?
41 Have you felt compelled to 'pass on a message' about a future event?/Te-ai simtit nevoit sa transmiti un mesaj despre un eveniment viitor?
42 Have you felt your life has a higher purpose behind it?/Crezi ca viata ta are are un scop mai maret decat cel de acum?
43 Have you found objects in a different places to where you left them?/Ai gasit obiecte in alte locatii decat unde le lasasei?
44 Have you found yourself attracted to the colours white, purple or pink?/Te simti atras de culorile alb, violet sau roz?
45 Have you had a dream come true later on?/Ti s-a adeverit vreodata un vis?
46 Have you noticed items like cutlery falling on the floor near you?/S-a intamplat ca obiecte taietoare sa cada pe jos in apropierea ta?
47 Have you noticed watches behaving strangely when you wear them?/Ai observant ceasurile sa se comporte ciudat in prezenta ta?
48 When lost, can you find where you're going by using your intuition?/Cand te ratacesti, regasesti drumul corect doar bazandu-te pe intuitie?
49 When the phone rings, can you often predict who it is?/Cand suna telefonul, se intampla sa stii cine e apelantul?
50 Would you describe yourself as reluctant to take risks?/Te-ai descrie ca o persoana sovaitoare in ceea ce priveste luarea deciziilor?